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A trouble shared with Kaz B

Posted on by Kaz B

Getting Cold Feet

Problem 1

Dear Mistress Kaz,

This might sound a bit weird but I have a fetish for feet. Something about them really turns me on and I find myself staring at them on the tube. I suffered an injury about a year ago which has knocked my confidence and I find dating is difficult. I’m afraid that if I tell a date my fantasies about feet, that it may turn them off. How can I find someone who shares my fetish?

Roger, 35 High Barnet

Dear Roger,

I don’t think your fetish is weird at all, in fact foot fetishes are fairly common. Tommy Lee, Ricky Martin and Quentin Tarantino have all admitted to the press that they are foot fetishists.

Dating can be especially difficult if you are looking for someone who shares your fetish. I would suggest you visit a club such as Club Pedestal that specifically caters to the foot fetishist. If your injury means that this isn’t a viable option for you right now,  then there are also websites online where you can meet like-minded people. Fetlife is a good place to start. You’ll find it a welcoming and nonjudgmental community where you’ll be free to express yourself and be honest about your desires. Best of luck.


Hello Miss B, I’m bisexual but tend to prefer sex with men. After watching the documentary called ‘Human Pups’ I’m really keen to find out how I can try this fetish. I have always been submissive and enjoy being the centre of attention. What would you suggest I do next?


It’s A Dog’s Life!

Problem 2

Dear Alan,

There are Mistresses and Masters online whom you can approach to indulge your fetish. Adultwork is a good place to start and many fetish service providers will provide puppy training as a service.  If you enjoy an audience you could also visit a club called Eureka in Kent. The club has 23 acres of land which is perfect for a good romp across the fields dressed up as a kinky puppy! Costume-wise you can find puppy masks and accessories online at Etsy or if you are on a budget you can pick up cheap collars and leads at your local pet store or DIY centre. Enjoy!

Fun In The Hood

problem 3

Dear Kaz, I’m 24 and have a fetish for piercings. I have 1 in my tongue, 4 in my ears, my belly button and my right nipple. I’m now considering getting one in my vagina – should I go for it?

Kelly, Brentwood

Hi Kelly,

I have a few friends that have vaginal piercings. They tell me that the piercings increase sensitivity and add an extra dimension to sexual play. A few things to consider…the skin around the vagina is quite thin and there are a lot of nerve endings in those areas, so it will be painful for a good few days until it fully heals. Studs and rings can also get caught on clothing and during sex play, so you will need to be extra careful. Also there is the risk of the piercing becoming infected.

If you are still keen to go ahead with this in mind, I’d suggest deciding where you would like the piercing, for example through the clitoris (ouch) through the hood which is less sensitive or through the inner or outer labia. Make sure you visit a reputable parlour with good reviews and a good standard of hygiene and ask them about aftercare and cleaning the area to avoid infection. Best Wishes.

Is Inking the bum, a lifetime of fun?

problem 4

Dear Kaz, I work for the police force and my girlfriend is really keen for us to get tattoos. I’m thinking about getting mine on my bum cheek so it’s not visible. Will it hurt?

Claire, Brighton

Dear Claire,

It sounds as if you are being pushed into this a little by your girlfriend. Are you sure that this is what you want? If not, then you shouldn’t go ahead with it as in 5-10 years time you may end up regretting your decision and it is a very costly procedure to have tattoos removed.

Of course, if you are yearning for a tattoo as much as she is, then by all means go for it! There is more fat on the buttocks than areas such as ankles and wrists so it won’t hurt quite as much as in those areas, but I’m not going to lie, it will be painful and it does take a long time to complete the tattoo.

Look for tattooists with a good reputation. Yelp can help you find parlours with good reviews to ensure that your artist is a highly skilled in his or her profession.  I would suggest starting with something small and simple to test the waters. If you are going on holiday be sure to keep your fresh tattoo out of the sunshine, use a high factor SPF cream and carry a tube of sudocream to help your skin heal more quickly.

Visit Mistress Kaz’s Fetish site to learn more about the world of fetish and kink at www.uk-fetish.co.uk

Follow her on twitter www.twitter.com/kazbxx

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