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Sophie Rose

Another new Daily Sport recruit the Lancashire lovely, the very sexy 32EE dark haired beauty Sophie Rose. This extremely hot 18yo babe has been modelling for nearly a year and we jumped at the chance to feature her in your Daily Sport after Sophie Rose e-mailled us to say that she loves getting her kit off. A nod was as good as a wink to us and here she is in all her glory just for our readers! Qualified beautician Sophie Rose also like horse riding and pole dancing.

Maybe one day we’ll get to see the lovely Sophie Rose pole dancing in the Daily Sport…Stay tuned guys.

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9 Responses to Sophie Rose

  1. 22nd December, 2011
    lisa said:

    would love to lick the backs of her thighs right up to that sexy arse

  2. 21st October, 2011
    Barry said:

    Abit chubby but great rack!! Would defo rattle that ass

  3. 10th September, 2011
    Davesitfc said:

    Sophie has my vote, she is a natural and has the best breasts , she has to win.

  4. 27th August, 2011
    john said:

    wow sophie stunning!!!!!

  5. 26th August, 2011
    Chris said:

    After reviewing all possible contestants I can reveal that Sophie is my favourite. Offering a unique look, she is very beautiful and has an elegant look but also offers a fun and flirty style, making her the perfect candidate for this competition!
    Good luck Sophie I hope you win!
    Chris :)

  6. 25th August, 2011
    Jodie said:

    Cute look. and great breast, id love to see her in the sport cant wait

  7. 24th August, 2011
    fraser said:

    Omg soph ur gorgeous beta than all off them.Defo a true winner in my eyes ;)x

  8. 24th August, 2011
    Dean said:

    Wow best of the lot, get her in the daily, Natural beauty !

  9. 24th August, 2011
    dave said:

    Wow rosie is the hotest amature i have seen in a good long while i do hope she wins the comp.

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