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Dear Kaz,

I have a Mistress who I visit now and again and sometimes she’ll give me a good whipping or punish me for being a naughty boy. I have been married six years, so obviously, I need to be careful about long lasting marks.  I don’t have sex with my Mistress, but being put in my place is just an urge I need to satisfy. My wife would think I was bonkers if I asked her to bend me over her knee and belt me, so I look elsewhere to fulfil these needs!

My wife has now planned to go away on business for a week and my Mistress is keen to introduce some play with stinging nettles into our meeting. I find the idea really intriguing, I’m just slightly worried that the marks may last. Can you give me some advice on nettle play please and let me know if it’s safe to indulge in this fetish? I don’t mind howling like a little girl as long as it’s not going to scar.

Maxwell, 43, Greater London

Dear Maxwell,

Nettle play is a relatively safe form of pain play. It involves brushing a nettle leaf over various areas of the body such as the nipples and genitals and some people who practise this find the sensation arousing. There is an element of pain involved of course, but if you enjoy pain to some degree then you may enjoy experimenting with this. Usually, the tips are brushed lightly over the genitals, though those seeking a more extreme experience enjoy having the leaves crushed into the flesh.

I would be very clear on your limits with your Mistress. For example, no nettles to be used on visible areas such as the face, arms or legs as you might give someone a fright when you are doing your weekly supermarket shop!

You may also wish to ask for a safe word so you can be very clear about when you have had enough.

Ensure you pick some dock leaves when you collect your nettles and have some antihistamines on hand, just in case you have an aggressive skin reaction to the leaves. Also, a nice cool bath filled with Epsom salts will provide some relief.

The bumps may take a few days to go down, but a week is plenty of time for them to completely heal, so indulge as you wish and howl all you want!

Enjoy your nettle play and make sure you don’t leave any tell-tale leaves in the dustbin. You could always make a nice nettle tea with the leftovers and tell the wife you are detoxing! I’ll leave that one up to you.

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