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Fruity Three-way!

Prob 1 - 1.11.17


Dear Kaz,


I’m in a pretty strange situation. I’m a 23 year old student and I’ve been dating a guy of 25 as well as a girl of my age. I think I’m in love with them both. They’ve met and were initially a little jealous of each other, but after a few drinks one night we all ended up in bed together and have done it a few more times since. Sometimes we just hang out the and go to the park or watch a movie. It’s like being with my two best friends and lovers at the same time. For me it’s the perfect situation and it’s great that we all seem to fit so well. Is it normal though for three people to be in a relationship?

On a more intimate note, my girlfriend has suggested we try snowballing but I’m not 100% sure how it works exactly.


Thank you

Rachel, Bournemouth


Dear Rachel,


What you have discovered is a philosophy called Polygamy which has been practised by many for hundreds and thousands of years. Polygamy isn’t just centred on sex, it is the belief that you can be in love with multiple partners at once and co-exist harmoniously. If you have discovered that this works for you, who is any one to tell you that this is not normal. As long as you are all happy, no one elses opinion should be of consequence.  Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?


Good communication and ground rules should help keep you on track and help to make sure things continue in the way you wish them to develop.


As for snowballing, it’s when you kiss a lover and pass semen between your mouths after the male ejaculates. Buy him a cartoon of pineapple juice to drink beforehand and the semen should taste super sweet instead of leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth and everyone will be more inclined to share in the celebration!



Flashy Dresser!

Prob 2 - 1.11.17


Hello Miss Kaz,


I’m a cross dressing man and ready to start wearing women’s clothes in public.  Can you give me some advice on how to get it right and cope with people’s reactions?

Mel, 32, Solihull


Dear Mel,


If this is something you wish to do and feel that it’s right for you, then be proud to be yourself and wear what makes you feel great inside and out! Be aware that not everyone will understand your choice and you will need to develop a thick skin. Just remember, that is their problem, not yours. As long as you can hold your head up high and say a silent ‘screw you’ with a smile on your face, then you can do this.


It might be worth joining a community with similar interests to yourself so you have some kind of support group so to speak. Engaging with like minded people can help you feel more connected in a world that is so judgemental.


I would suggest you consider finding a personal shopper to help you find the right garments for you that suit your shape, size and image. For example, you might feel amazing in a strappy satin dress at your local club, but this certainly wouldn’t get the right reaction at your local supermarket! Dress classy by daytime and you can go wild in the bedroom or in a fetish club of your choice by eve. Find out what colours, shades and hues match your hair and skin tone and dress to impress darling!


Being true to yourself is something that many people in life never fully understand or achieve. Break the mould and dare to be different!


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