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Dear Kaz,

We are a couple in our forties and we are looking to explore the realms of fetish. My partner and I are switch and looking to experiment upon each other. We are not too keen to involve other people in our play at the moment, but wondered if you might be able to suggest a weekend getaway that might cater to fetish.

We would love your suggestions and a push in the right direction!

Pam and Lesley, Leicester


Dear Pam and Lesley,

There are many places you might like to begin your exploration. There are various fetish fairs across the UK that you can visit, watch live demonstrations of BDSM play and buy toys and products to enhance your playtime. The vendors are generally very experienced, open minded and knowledgeable when it comes to good quality fetish products, so you will be able to ask any questions you might have without any blushes!

I can highly recommend the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar which is fairly close to Leicester and runs on the third Sunday of every month. You could attend some BDSM workshops, browse for fetish wear and play things and perhaps even get to know a few others who are into the scene. There is usually an after party afterwards which is completely pressure free.

The next event is on 21st January.  

Visit there website for more information: http://www.brumbazaar.co.uk/

If you are considering something a little more private for your first adventure, what about booking a couples weekend break in a venue that caters for fetishists? You will find many locations scattered across the UK, but one of the most beautiful bed and breakfast dungeons I have encountered is South Warwickshire’s Ess & Emm. The dungeon is fully equipped with a vast array of BDSM equipment and furniture, you can play as long as you like and then sleep over in the luxurious suite. The Dungeon is set in the countryside, is a picturesque location for romantic couples to enjoy and has all the facilities you could possibly need.

You might find that one day out just isn’t enough to sate your curiosity and desires, so I’d suggest making a weekend of it and really spoiling yourselves for the New Year! Take your time exploring whichever venue you decide upon….and of course each other!

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