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Dear Mistress Kaz,

I have a fetish for dressing up in my wife’s clothing whilst she is out and showing it all off to an eager audience on webcam. Sometimes I wear her lingerie, though I prefer her silky ball gowns, strings of pearls and fluffy stoles. I just love to look like a classy harlot and the guys and girls who watch me say I look fabulous!

The problem is, the other week she came home early and in my hurry to get undressed, I managed to break her expensive pearls and rip a dress that was worth over £300. I shoved it all in a bag in the wardrobe in the hope I could fix them before she found them. Unfortunately, she found the bag and is now blaming our teenage daughter who wasn’t even home.

I feel dreadful and cannot let my daughter take the blame, however I really don’t know how I can explain this one!

Please help!

Mike, 45, Doncaster

Dear Mike,

Yes, you are quite right, you cannot let your daughter take the blame for something you did.  Being a responsible adult and parent means being accountable for your actions, regardless of the consequences.

You need to tell your wife the truth, although how much of the truth you plan to tell her is up to you.  You can either be completely honest and tell her everything, or if you don’t think that will sit well, you could tell her part of what happened. Whilst I don’t advocate lying, sometimes the full truth is more than people can handle.

You could of course say to your wife that you tried on her clothes because you missed her and wearing the clothes makes you feel close to her, or you could say you were experimenting. Either way, if you replace the broken items swiftly, then I am sure she will forgive you a lot more quickly!

Only you know your wife well enough to know how she will react. I hope you do the right thing. Good luck with this.

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