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Dear Kaz,

A few months ago, I had a boob job taking me up to a large 32GG, and I felt a hundred times more confident & sexier in myself. I became more outgoing, wore sexier outfits & loved showing them off- which attracted lots of men of course! The new-found confidence also increased my sex drive, and has made me feel amazing.

So now I’m thinking about going even bigger, but at the same time wondering about the effects it would have on everyday life, i.e. at work etc. I love the confidence having big tits has given me, but will it be a step too far?

Lisa, 29, Maidenhead

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Dear Lisa,

It’s wonderful that your recent enhancement has given you a new lease of life and boosted your self-confidence. My one concern is that it seems a little soon to be considering undergoing major surgery again after only three months. Your body really needs recovery time.

If you are happy with your enhancements, I would ask you to question why you wish to go bigger as 32GG is a lot bigger than average.

Often women choose enhancements as a way of boosting their self-esteem and the buzz they get from it can be highly addictive. They may receive a lot of attention initially and love their new look, but when the attention dies down and the buzz starts to fade, they convince themselves that they need more surgery to make themselves feel happy and confident again.

Surgery can be just as addictive as drugs, sex or alcohol. It is very easy to get hooked and to feel as if it will solve all of life’s problems. Just look at celebrities like Geordie Shores Marnie Simpson who felt breast enhancements were the answer after online trolls damaged her self-esteem. The boob op went wrong and resulted in major scars and uneven nipples, so bear in mind that things do not always go as planned.

It’s clear that you are questioning the effects it may have on everyday life and that is a very wise thing to do before making a decision. I would suggest that back pain is a possible side effect, but of course that may not be true for everyone who has breast enhancements.

I have various friends who have had several breast enhancements and their general complaints tend to include things such as finding bras or tops to fit; not being able to sleep on their front, pain when running, breasts sagging prematurely and occasionally breasts that hang unevenly Yet of course everyone is different and will have different experiences for the good or bad.

You didn’t mention what you do for a job, but enhancing your chest further will most likely bring you both positive and negative attention. If your heart is absolutely set on it, then screw everyone else! If you are prepared to cope with a few jealous types making catty comments and you can brush it off and laugh, then go for it!

The only thing I will put to you is this, do you truly believe that bigger bazookas will improve your life for the better? Is it possible that you will go through another operation only to feel the same again after a short time? Only you can answer that.

You come across as a confident, attractive and bubbly lady, but I am sensing a little self-doubt and feel that you don’t yet realise your true worth.

Sometimes putting things down on paper can help put things into perspective. Why not draw up a list of all the things you love about yourself and all your achievements – no matter how big or small. Then write a pro’s and con’s list for getting the surgery and see which direction it pulls you in.

Also, it’s worth speaking to other women who have had several boob ops and asking them about their different experiences. Many celebrities have had enhancements only to go smaller again, whereas others have been very happy with theirs, so do your research and make sure that if you decide to go for it that you are 100% informed and know what to expect.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck.

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