Big Girls Don’t Cry – They Get Even!



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Dear Kaz

I have been with my boyfriend Malkers for 8 months and he said he loved me, but now he has started seeing another girl. He’ll often cut our date short to go and see her and now that he is seeing us both, he never seems to pay towards dates anymore. In fact, he borrowed some money off me and then told me after it was to cover their dinner. I tell him all this makes me unhappy, but he says he’s just confused.

How do I get him to pick me instead of the other girl?

Cassie, 20, Farnborough

Dear Cassie,

Here is what you do. You invite him round for a romantic candle lit meal, wear your sexiest outfit to show him what he is missing and take a sweet selfie of you both together. Then, you DUMP this pathetic loser for being such a selfish, self-serving pig

Make sure you send the selfie to the other girl, so she knows what a two-timing git he is and tell her you have washed your hands of him. She may not even be aware of your existence and has the right to know if she is being cheated on. If she has any sense she’ll ditch him too!

This guy is not confused one bit! He is having his cake and eating it. Whilst he is getting sex from you, and the other lady, he has no reason to commit and will happily string you both along for as long as he can get away with it.

Trust me, your self-esteem will swiftly return when you stop playing second fiddle to his new beau and you tell him to get lost! No man worth his salt should ever make your fight another woman for his affections. Real men are loyal, trustworthy and do not start seeing other girls when they already have a girlfriend.

Once you are well shot of him, block him, delete his number and treat yourself to some gorgeous new clothes. Mr Right is out there, but you won’t find him whilst you are wasting time on little boys like Malkers.

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