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Mistress Kaz  – Agony Aunt To The Daily Sport!


Dear Mistress Kaz,

I started seeing a new Mistress about 3 months ago and I’m sorry to say I have disappointed her already. She says that I am always trying to top from the bottom. I suppose that I had gotten used the way my old Mistress did things and can’t help but interject sometimes! She gets very cross and punishes me hard, which I did enjoy an awful lot to be honest!

How can I ensure I stop trying to top from the bottom?

Malcolm, 41, Dartford

 Ag 25418

Dear Malcolm,

I smell a rat! Is it possible that you are deliberately antagonising your Mistress because you enjoy her punishments? Perhaps she should change the punishment to something far less tolerable! Of course, if you suggest that mid-session you be will be topping from the bottom!

For the readers at home, topping from the bottom means when a submissive who is considered the ‘bottom’ tries to lead the session and direct the Mistress or Master.

When a slave sessions with a new Mistress, part of the fun is testing your limits and having your boundaries pushed as a slave. If you are too busy attempting to direct your Mistress, then you may miss out enjoying some aspects that fall under her style of domination.

If you have ideas which you are keen to implement in a session, then I would suggest you write them down and give them to your Mistress before the session starts. Then keep your mouth shut, follow her orders and leave it to her to decide the style and flow of the session and which of your likes she will include. Rewards should only be given for good behaviour and of course poor behaviour should be punished, in a way that is less pleasant for yourself.

I think you should add to your written list “If I am cheeky and try to make suggestions during the session or tell Mistress what to do, it is only fairly that she inserts a massive ball gag into my mouth and buckles it tight for the remainder of the session!”

Oh, and I think you owe your Mistress a gift to compensate for your poor behaviour! You are a trained submissive and should know better.

Now run along and be a good boy!


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