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Dear Kaz,

I have been cross dressing for about 6 years as I love the feeling of wearing women’s clothes. I adore silky panties, feminine skirts and shapely heels which show off my long legs. I had always done this in secret until recently. when I started to chat to other cross dressers online who encouraged me to embrace my inner desire.

During the hot spell, I decided it would be the perfect time to do so and I bought myself a couple of bikinis to wear in the garden. One was a lime green push up bra and pants and the other was a silver hot pants and a halter neck combo. It felt amazing wearing them in the garden and feeling the sun on my body. I felt fabulous!

Unfortunately, one of the neighbours was looking out of her window and spotted me. She then sent around a very red faced and apologetic husband, who told me that she thinks it’s appalling that I dress this way in public. She even threatened to call the police. Do you think I should hold my ground or keep my cross dressing to indoors only?

Candy, 36, Northampton

Dear Candy,

You have my sympathies. Your neighbour sounds like a nosy old battle axe who is sticking her nose in where it isn’t needed.

Assuming you were not doing anything untoward, there is nothing illegal about wearing a bikini in your own back garden. Your neighbour doesn’t have to peer into your back garden, so she should mind her own business.

It’s entirely up to you what you wear. You could of course limit cross dressing to indoors if you feel that you would rather not have conflict, but on the other hand, why should you not enjoy your own back garden just to keep your neighbour happy.

Tell her that she is welcome to call the police, but that she will be wasting their time and she won’t be taken seriously! Let her twitch the curtains and complain as much as she wants. Legally, she does not have a leg to stand on.

I hope this helps you make a decision that works best for you. Best wishes.

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