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My Situation Sucks!

Prob 1

Dear Kaz,


I’m a straight, married man and I’m not attracted to men, but something about performing fellatio on another man and having him ejaculate in my mouth appeals to me. I think it’s the humiliation of it that appeals to me. I don’t want to cheat on my wife and don’t want any complications but have been considering booking a male escort so I can try it. Is this a bad idea?

Trev, 32, Derby,


Dear Trev,


I really don’t think it’s the best idea! You say that you don’t want to cheat on your wife but having any form of sex – oral or otherwise is still cheating, even if it’s with an escort.


There are many STD’s you can catch from unprotected oral sex including chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes to name a few. If you have any cuts in your mouth you could also contract HIV.


There are many alternatives to what you have suggested. For example – what about experimenting with toys and being made to suck a strap-on dildo? This can be a very humiliating task for the submissive without running the risk of contracting any nasty infections and diseases.


What about being forced to lick cream or a less appealing substance such as mustard from a dommes toes? There are many ways you can experience degradation without putting yourself and your wife at risk. If you need anymore suggestions on how to get that feeling of being utterly abused then you know where to find me.


It’s In The Bag!

Prob 2

Dear Kaz,


I have got a bit of an obsession with enemas (using a bag to insert a large amount of water into my rectum and intestine.) Sometimes I’ll find a domme in my area to do this for me or if I’m low on funds I’ll do it on my own with an enema bag I bought online. I just love the feeling of being completely full. I’ve also been wondering about using different types of liquid such as beer and cream. Am I doing myself any long term damage with this fetish.

Bernard, 42, Nottingham


Dear Bernard,


Enemas in themselves are relatively harmless and they are used by many health practitioners to give the bowel a good cleansing. It’s claimed that an enema now and again can hydrate the body, keep you squeaky clean and clean the tract where there may be a buildup of waste. However, as with all things – moderation is key. If you are doing this too often you will be washing out all the healthy gut flora that helps to keep your system in balance. I would suggest you take a probiotic supplement to ensure your natural levels of good bacteria are replenished. You may also need to replace some of the salts in your system which can be washed away with regular enemas. Eating a banana and drinking a sports drink which contains electrolytes will help with this.


I know a few enema enthusiasts who experiment with (warm/not too strong) coffee which can give you a little boost. Too much though and you will feel jittery as the rectum is highly absorbent and you will draw more caffeine into your bloodstream! Also (warm, not hot) green tea contains a whole host of nutrients and is even said to prevent various forms of cancers.


Avoid putting the following things into your enema bag, alcohol, soap, toxins, liquids which are too hot or cold or any substances which are thick and may clogs your insides (such as cream).


The best thing you can do for your health is to try and limit enemas to once or twice a week. That way you’ll still get the benefits and the enjoyment without any unwanted side effects.


Full Of It!

Prob 3

Dear Mistress Kaz,


I have what is known as ‘Desperation’ fetish. This means I drink a few pints of liquid and then see how long I can leave it until I go to the toilet. It really turns me on to know I’m bursting for a wee and that I could wet myself. Is this dangerous?

Macey, 39, Rotherham


Dear Macey,


We have all been in a situation where we desperately need a bathroom visit but are stuck on a train or waiting for a long bathroom queue! However, if your bladder is subjected to this level of stress on a regular basis then it can in fact be harmful.


Your bladder can hold half a litre of water before you get the urge to urinate. If you are forced to hold your bladder for a while then your muscles will tighten to prevent you from leaking.

I’ve researched this topic thoroughly for you and have discovered that over time this can weaken your bladder and prevent you from emptying your bladder properly when you do urinate, so you’ll be visiting the bathroom more often over time. On top of this, if your bladder is holding onto unwanted water and toxins for long periods then bacteria can easily multiply in your bladder and you run the risk of causing yourself a urinary tract infection. If you are regularly holding onto more water than your body can handle, the worst case scenario could be an enlarged prostate, cystitis, pain during urination, kidney stones or even kidney disorders.


Normally, you will accidentally wet yourself long before your bladder bursts, however there have been cases where this has happened and the bladder has indeed burst. This would cause (an agonisingly painful) rush of urine into the abdomen which could prove fatal if the patient was not treated straight away. The individual would need to have the abdomen drained with catheters and would need intensive surgery to repair the bladder…if it is indeed repairable!


So my answer is – yes, this practise can be very dangerous. Holding onto your pee for short periods is commonplace, but if it is regular and for prolonged periods then you are putting your health at risk.


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