Ice Cream Man Has Designs On Wife’s Slush Puppies


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Dear Kaz,

I think my wife is having an affair with the ice cream man. She always offers to do the ice cream run for the neighbourhood kids and then she chats with him for ages, giggling and flicking her hair! I counted that she ate at least 6 ice creams last week alone!

Last week I heard the tinkle of the van but my wife was nowhere to be found, so I went looking for her. When I approached the ice cream truck I could not see anyone, but heard a female giggle.

I called hello and then Mr Whippy popped his head up through the window, but looked very red in the face and flustered! I asked him if he’d seen my wife Sarah and he said no, but looked very sheepish and I could see him glancing at the floor in a strange way. He then drove off and my wife appeared 20 minutes later, saying she had been to the shops!

I can’t help getting the impression that my wife is more interested in a 69 with him than eating 99’s and she hasn’t let me put my flake in her in months!

When I casually mentioned how friendly they had gotten, she was dismissive and barely talks to me now.

It has gotten to the point that I am unable to watch a Cornetto advert on the telly without getting tearful!

I have been considering putting a bug in her handbag so I can catch her in the act. What do you think of this

Steve, 42, Kent

Dear Steve,

I cannot say if your wife is having an affair or not but it does sound as if she is freezing you out.  You certainly need to get to the root of why she is doing so.  It is possible that your wife really does like ice cream – a lot! However, if you think it is more likely that her frosty approach is more to do with her enjoying a feast on his nobbly bobbly then you need to know.

I would advise attempting to speak to her again first. Wait until a good opportunity arises and calmly broach the subject.

If you still have no joy with the direct approach, then it sounds as if you tempted to use more clandestine tactics and turn detective.  Understand that if you do decide to spy on your wife, you may not like what you discover. Ensure that you are prepared for this and can keep your cool.  Hopefully it will turn out to be completely innocent and everything will turn out just Fab! If not just remember, the good looking tanned ice cream man will be as pale and pasty as the rest of us come September and jobless to boot. Hardly husband material. See what your wife has to say for herself and then make your decisions.

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