Let Them Eat Cake!


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Dear Kaz,

I need your opinion on my strange fetish. I enjoy watching women eat high calorie food; cakes, chocolate bars, pies – the creamier and stodgier the better! I just love to watch women fill their faces and see cream and chocolate drop down their chins as they gorge themselves. For some reason, helping them imprison themselves in layers of fat makes me happy

I was dating my girlfriend for about a year, and initially she was delighted that I loved her size 16 figure. I was the devil on her shoulder who always encouraged her to treat herself and eat an extra take away or a mars bar! However, she shot up to a size 20 in a few months and started to feel unhappy and began a strict diet.

As she lost weight I felt disappointed. I wanted her to pile more weight on and kept trying to tempt her with her favourite treats! She said I was unsupportive and dumped me. She also said I was sick in the head for wanting her to be morbidly obese.

I feel so guilty now, but I’m addicted. I just need to get my fix! Currently, I am hanging around cafes in town and discreetly peering over the top of my newspaper, so I can watch fat ladies stuff themselves with cakes! Is this wrong

Malcolm, 43, Devon

Dear Malcolm,

Well Devon certainly sounds like the perfect place to find cafes and cake shops! Admittedly, it’s a little creepy that you are getting your kicks by watching strangers innocently chow down on slices of lemon drizzle cake. I’m not convinced that anyone would want to be your unintentional wank bank material.

There are plenty of websites out there which feature woman and feeders, who are happy to be watched. I think subscribing to such a website would be a far more ethical way to indulge your fetish.

You mention that you were trying to sabotage your girlfriends diet when she hit a size 20. I can’t say I blame her for calling the relationship off. Carrying that amount of extra weight is severely unhealthy. It can lead to a whole host of problems from back pain and stretch marks, through to more serious issues such as diabetes and heart problems, which can be fatal. If you truly love someone, you want what is best for their health, not what helps you get your rocks off.

You need to realise that this is a form of abuse. Be aware that if you do find a woman who allows this kind of abusive control in your next relationship, there will be serious consequences and you run the risk of losing her early, to a heart attack, or another obesity related condition.

Ask yourself why you want to help a woman to “imprison themselves in layers of fat.” Is it because you find larger women attractive? Or is it because deep down you are insecure and you feel that a morbidly obese woman will not leave you? Be honest with yourself. If it’s the latter then a course of therapy could be very beneficial for you. There are many therapists who are highly experienced in helping those that suffer from addiction and unwanted fetishes. I think for the sake of your future, it would be a good idea to start exploring your options.

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