Nuffin but a hound dog!


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Dear Kaz,

I am currently in the dog house with my wife after she caught me up to no good.

Whilst she was away on business, I hooked up with a dominatrix who whipped me and fed me dog food.

The first thing that raised my wife’s suspicion was all the missing dog food. I thought I had gotten away with it, until she found the empty Chewy tins in the back of the wardrobe. I had forgotten to throw them in the trash – my bad!

I blamed it on being hooched up, but then she spotted the lash marks on my backside and insisted on going through my cell phone. She discovered everything! My fetishes, the visits…and I just couldn’t talk my way out it

She said if I wanted to act like a dog, I’d be treated like a dog. She’s now serving all my meals in a dog bowl on the floor. Meanwhile, our Labrador is getting fresh steak, medium rare every day. 

I know I should be ashamed, but I’m secretly thrilled! Should I confess my real feelings?

Mason, 46, San Diego

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Dear Mason,

I’m not sure if you are bragging or asking for my help! Currently it must feel as if you have had your cake and are eating it, if you are craving a more submissive role in your relationship. This is not real though and you should proceed with caution.

Your wife is either punishing you and making a point, or testing the waters and experimenting with a more dom/sub relationship. You know her best, which do you think it is?

I would image she is probably upset that you kept things hidden from her and went behind her back. Unless a power exchange scenario is discussed and agreed, this current dynamic does not sound healthy!

You have been caught red handed, so it is better to be open about your kinks. If she is already serving you doggy meals, there’s a small chance she may come around, but be careful not to mistake anger for willingness!

Apologise profusely, buy her something luxurious and tell her how much she means to you. Ask her how she is feeling about all of this and don’t get defensive, just listen. Fellas tend to struggle with his bit, but it’s essential.

When she’s had her say, it’s time to practise good communication and honesty. You can’t expect your wife to be into the same things as you, but if you really love one another enough, you can reach a compromise.

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