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Dear Mistress Kaz

I have a big fantasy of being hypnotised by a Mistress. She would count me down and then get me into a state where I would do all kinds of degrading things to please her.

My only concern is that I may be taken advantage of whilst I’m under. Does hypnosis really work or is it new-fangled mumbo jumbo?

What if she were to instruct me to tell me wife what I was up to? It would be the end of me!

Hypno Dog, 41, Walsall

 Kaz 16518

Dear Hypno Dog,

Some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others. Whether it will work on you or not, I cannot say. It very much depends on how much your mind is open to suggestion and how much you can relax during the session.

Records of hypnosis being used for health, emotional issues and therapeutic reasons date back as far as the Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and Romans. It is thought to be a form of therapy that is an astonishing 6000 years old!

Nowadays, it is used by therapists who claim it can help with a wide range of psychological issues, from boosting confidence and helping with public speaking, through to ridding yourself of a phobia or addiction.

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As you have discovered, there is also a more exciting side to hypnosis. It is widely believed that some skilled purveyors of the art, can lull you into a trance state and slip positive suggestions into your mind. I like to think that part of the reason this works, is due to the encouragement and support which comes from a third party. However, I am sure there are professional hypnotists out there who would claim that this is not the only reason.

One thing that it is important to remember – no one can force you to do something against your will whilst under hypnosis. For example, if I put you in a trance and then suggested you run down the high-street starkers waving a swastika, you would refuse, unless it was in your nature to do so. You can only encourage someone to do something that they already desire in their mind and heart. 

No one can completely control your mind with hypnosis.  Mind control can be achieved over a length of time by keeping an individual in captivity and subjecting them to daily brainwashing and torture. Hypnosis as a practise however, is not considered dangerous. 

I would add a word of caution that it should be avoided by anyone who suffers from mental health disorders, unless they are dealing with a trained and licensed therapist.

My advice would be to give it a go and find out if you enjoy it. If it doesn’t float your boat, let that ship sail without you and seek out another interest!

Have fun!


 Kaz B

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