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Dear Kaz

My husband confesses to me that he has a reverse rape fantasy and I wondered if this is normal?

The scenario involves me pouring him a drink which we pretend is drugged and my husband then ‘falls asleep.’ Whilst he is acting like he is asleep, I am to strip him off and tie him up so he cannot escape.

When he ‘awakes’ he will be turned on from the drink but begging me to let him go, but instead I seduce him, treat him a little roughly with light slaps and have my wicked way with him.

Is this normal? Should I give it a go?

Jana, 32, Norfolk

 agony 11418

Hi Jana,

Power exchange is a lot more common than you think and there are many men out that that enjoy having the roles reversed at playtime.  Society has conditioned us to have a very rigid idea of gender roles and pushes the idea that the man should always be in charge of the relationship. As a Mistress, I feel that this could not be further from the truth and that women should be able to enjoy dominating their man and experimenting with kink.

If it is not your thing, then you should not be pressured into it. However, if you have an open mind to kinky play then it’s worth experimenting and finding out what you and your husband enjoy doing together.

Consensual ‘non-consensual’ play is a big thrill for some. It’s the taboo of the act that can be a turn on for many couples. I would suggest that you both agree on a safe word prior to play so you know the difference between your husband’s mock protests and a genuine plea to bring the play to a halt.

Practising a few knots beforehand might help the role play run more smoothly too and add a touch of realism.

Try not to take it too seriously, have fun, enjoy yourself and let your imagination go wild!

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