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Dear Kaz,

I’m not sure if this is an unusual problem or not but when I’m having sex with my other half he likes to talk. If it was sexy talk I don’t think I’d mind too much. Usually though, it’s movies quotes. We’ll be getting down to business and then he’ll just yell “Showtime!” or “Show me da money”. I had to roll off recently and go and make a cuppa when he cried out “Say what one more time muthaf*cker!”

It’s weird, he’ll be doing his thing behind me in the doggy position and saying “Who’s your favourite superhero? It’s me isn’t it!” He’ll keep saying it until I agree.

I don’t think I can’t take anymore. Is this a weird fetish or is he just a bit mental?

Please help?!

Sammie, 27, London

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Dear Sammie,

There are all kinds of weird and wonderful fetishes out there, but you will never be sure if you’re partner genuinely gets off on doing this or is merely larking about, unless you ask him directly.

Bedtime isn’t really the best time for wisecracks and gags. I suspect your other half has a few problems with intimacy and is not comfortable being himself, otherwise he would not slip into all these different personas during hanky panky.

Ask him if he can tone it down a bit or try something a little different in bed, preferably something that doesn’t involve movie quotes or superhero’s!

To tackle this issue, you’ll need to step up and man the ship so you can steer the conversation the way you want it. Hopefully, with a bit of direction from you everything will be plain sailing!

If all else fails, invest in an extra-large ball gag and insist upon him wearing it during sexy time. Tell him it’s your fetish and you can’t orgasm without it if he protests! Everyone’s a winner!

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