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Dear Kaz,

I know most women probably moan about their partners finishing too quickly in bed, but I have the opposite problem with mine. He can go for absolutely hours, after a while I start feeling sore and tired of his sexual acrobatics and positions!

I find myself starting to think about what to make for breakfast or whether to buy new curtains.

How do I tell him without hurting his feelings?

Nadia, 29, Exeter

Dear Nadia,

You can have too much of a good thing! I love ice cream but if I gorged myself on it for two hours, I wouldn’t be able to face eating it again for months, so it’s no wonder you are feeling a bit fed up.

It is ok to tell your partner that you are feeling sore. If he’s a good guy who loves you he will understand, and if not tell him to buck his ideas up! Just don’t mention the curtains, this would kill most guys ego’s!

Ponder this, is your partner simply showing off or is he doing his best to impress you? The best thing you can do is discuss your concerns with him outside of the bedroom. You never know, he may even be finding all the high energy sex a struggle too!

If it turns out that he just has a very high sex drive and a lot of stamina, then there are a few things you can do to help him ejaculate a little quicker:

Gaze deeply into his eyes as you whisper his favourite saucy words to him.

Try to relieve him by hand if your girly bits can’t take anymore!

A magic wand is the best present you can buy yourself. Intense orgasms for you, plus if you hold it against his balls or on the tip of his penis, it should tip him over the edge.

One of my favourite toys for guys which gives them intense orgasms, is a wand attachment from Lovehoney, called Hummer Deluxe Wand Attachment. It’s a great way to finish play time and give him an orgasm that’s out of this world. I doubt he’ll be able to last long with his man parts vibrating at that tremendous speed!

I think you should have some success with these, however as a final resort set him a load of DIY tasks and make him dig the garden to use up some of his excess energy. If you can’t beat them, them wear them out!

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