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Audley 2/1 for first round knockout or Will he dance to victory?

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AUDLEY HARRISON won’t deliver a knockout blow on Strictly Come Dancing according to Ladbrokes.

The boxer is only 5/1 to hit the canvas at any time during a live performance and the judges are 20/1 to make a unanimous decision with nil points all round.

Harrison is a 50/1 longshot to win the competition and he’s also a 5/2 outsider to get further than the other ex-athlete in the line up Robbie Savage (2/7 to go further than Harrison). Harrison is also the 2/1 favourite to be the first male to leave.
Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “Harrison may have had the fancy footwork in the ring but we can’t see him landing the killer blow here. The odds suggest he’ll go down in the early rounds again.”

Ladbrokes latest betting

Audley Harrison Strictly Come Dancing specials

To hit the canvas (to fall over during any live performance) – 5/1
Unanimous decision every judge to give a 0 after a performance – 20/1
To be the first male out – 2/1
Who will progress further?
Audley Harrison – 5/2
Robbie Savage – 2/7

Audley Harrison to win – 50/1

DAILY SPORT says will Audley deliver the goods and surprise the public with a points victory!

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