Bikini babe Jess exits the jungle

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Bikini babe Jessica-Jane Clement became the latest to be kicked out of the I’m A Celeb jungle last night.

The Real Hustle star and glamour model was put into the jungle camp in the hope of igniting a romance with one of the other contestants, but disappointed the show’s producers when she revealed she was engaged to fiance Lee Stafford.

When she was told she had received the fewest viewers votes and would be leaving the jungle camp she yelled: “Lee I’m coming.”

She then hugged her fellow camp mates, who were cleary shocked and stunned that she was leaving so soon.

The 26-year-old later told hosts Ant and Dec: “It all happened really fast. I just can’t wait to see my fiance.

“The only thing I don’t like are spiders,” she said.

“I love snakes and I love rats so nothing scared me. If it would have been spiders that really would have stopped me in my tracks.”

She said of the sparks between model Emily Scott and TOWIE star Mark Wright: “I think Emily likes Mark’s chest and his bottom but I don’t think she fancies him.”

They then showed Jessica-Jane a montage video of her and Willie Carson together in the jungle and stated that it was an unlikely pairing.

‘I love Willie,’ she said. ‘You can say anything to him, even of he hasn’t got a clue what you’re talking about, he’ll still listen and join in. He made me feel so comfortable in camp.

‘There was no one that you didn’t really get on with?’ said Dec, as she replied: ‘You have to try your best to get on with everyone.’

And talking about the Pat Sharp and Tedward scandal, Jessica said: ‘I can always see both sides. It was funny what Pat was doing, but on the other hand I saw Lorraine and how upset she was.

The busty brunette finished her interview by saying: ‘I  want Willie to win. It has to be him!’


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