A Quickie In Marbella


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My boyfriend and I flew to Marbella for 8 days last week after I booked in to have Rhinoplasty surgery with Spain’s most celebrated surgeon Dr Aslani who has operated on the Spanish Royal Family and multiple celebrities from the UK. I’ve always wanted a smaller more feminine nose as my Hungarian heritage had blessed me with a bit of a beak, so when I discovered a cosmetic concierge, Serene Cosmetic, they were able to organise all of my travel, transfers, surgery, appointments, aftercare, accommodation and food for me – we simply had to catch a flight.

Being the energetic couple that we are, we discreetly inquired how long I would have to wait before returning to usual activities *ahem*sex*ahem* and were politely advised that I should take one to two weeks off of work and stay out of the gym for just as long depending on my recovery. I was absolutely over the moon with my new nose, Dr Aslani gave me the side profile of my dreams and made my breathing so much better for fixing my deviated septum. The first night that I stayed in hospital following my surgery seemed more than enough time to recuperate and as I healed so quickly, felt no pain and was up and about just a few hours later we decided we’d take things slowly and see how we got on.

24hrs after surgery we carefully took onboard all of the medical advice – no heavy lifting, no vigorous activity, no heavy breathing, bending or looking down and nothing that brings pressure to the head. It was a challenge but one that we both enjoyed overcoming as I found the ideal position to admire the ‘scenery’ from the window by kneeling up on the bed and resting my elbows on the headboard. The view was spectacular and greatly anticipated. I watched the trees blowing in the wind, slowly at first with the odd enthusiastic gust. At times there were roadworks – people in Spain love banging about when they’re building, don’t they? And it finished with a sudden downpour, just like back home in England!

Four days later I was out shopping, sunbathing and celebrating and so I started to feel frustrated by the same ‘scenery’ and decided to have a ‘feast’ instead which can be rather tricky with a broken and bandaged nose in a cast. Fortunately my recovery was coming on leaps and bounds by then and I gained the ability to look down without my face swelling – so I used my new found ability to enjoy my ‘feast’ and thankfully didn’t touch my nose once. It goes to show that positivity and patience can help you to overcome every obstacle in life!

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