Are lip fillers the new stocking filler?



With Christmas upon us we enter the frantic rat race of tying up the end of the years work, chores and to-do list before taking time out with our loved ones; from Christmas shopping to clearing out clutter ready for the avalanche of gifts, clothes and trinkets there never seems to be a minute spare. I find it’s a time of year when my skin is always so dull as the bitter frost chases us indoors away from the sun and we look pale, tired and dried out from too much central heating.

This week I popped into Harley Street MD to see Dr Tan, judge of the UK Glamour Awards, for a special little spritz to put the sparkle back into my selfies this Christmas. Having used Botox for a couple of years now, especially since reaching my thirties, I was due a top up to my brows, eyes and forehead since my last visit in August.


Whilst at Dr Tan’s I also had my lips filled for which he created a beautiful heart shaped plumpness to my pout that has really lifted my smile. I then had a non-surgical nose job and a PDO thread-lift to my jawline. Being a beauty blogger I believe it’s important to represent a professional cosmetic experience truthfully with full information, aftercare and advice based on my personal experience so that others can understand everything involved before deciding if a treatment is suitable for them.

Not only do I Facebook Live procedures so that my doctor can answer any questions directly, but I also video the entire procedure from start to finish and display before and after photos, a written blog and selfies throughout. Dr Tan had some very poignant advice when we discussed fillers and measured the pro’s and con’s of using temporary dissolvable and permanent non-dissolvable products. Many will have seen the horror stories of fillers and surgery gone wrong where people are left with lumpy, swollen and uneven faces from using cheap and unsuitable products which may never be fixed even after surgery.


People are often lured into treatments because of a discounted price, special offers or promise of immediate everlasting results, but in reality you would never want a treatment to last forever because the body ages and fashion changes and what looks pert, plump and perfect now would look ridiculous in several years time when the skin around it has thinned and sagged and everybody has moved on to a different look.

When seeking semi-permanent fillers and Botox always consult a professional, ensure official products are used rather than cheap alternatives and start with the minimum amount necessary to create a subtle and natural result. Dr Tan recommends always checking for the CE mark on product packaging prior to treatment, to ensure that it’s in date and FDA approved. Juvederm Voluma is currently the longest lasting semi-permanent filler on the market in the UK which can easily be adjusted, topped up and dissolved should you wish to make changes. And we all know how easy it is to change your mind!25189578_10159693184495301_549257078_o

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