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My boyfriend works away 3-4 days a week and we both have a ridiculously high sex drive. Fortunately we share the same sense of humour and taste in gifts though as we both brought each other sex toys for Christmas to our delight! My boyfriend got me a wand vibrator and I got him a fleshlight and it’s made bedtime far more bearable on the nights when we’re apart.

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However sex toys seem to be taboo in society as not many couples feel comfortable speaking about or even using them in the bedroom; others simply think they’ll be judged unfairly in admitting to using a mechanical device to receive pleasure. Perhaps it’s the irrational fear of a toy pleasing a woman more than a man can or vice versa as women often struggle to achieve orgasm through penetration alone. Some men may see girls using toys as cheating whereas a man prefers to use his hand to alleviate himself because it’s silent, free and he hasn’t had to go to a shop or face any awkward scenario.


My boyfriend’s justification for using toys with me in the bedroom is the fact that he can guarantee to make me orgasm multiple times. In the past he’s used a vibrating cock ring with an ex and  the fleshlight that I got him for Christmas.


He found the vibrating cock ring during sex runs out of battery rather quickly, creates a low humming buzz and has to be used under a duvet in order to be discreet. On every thrust it hits the woman’s clitoris making both cum a lot quicker and sex more enjoyable for men and women alike for which he rates it an 8/10.


The flashlight takes no batteries, makes no noise but is rather difficult to clean and takes some time to prepare as you have to warm it in water for 2-3mins before use to make it feel real which can be a bit of a mood spoiler. He says sex with a fleshlight feels believable but is pretty difficult to use whilst holding a phone to watch porn so go handsfree and use a laptop for videos instead. Because it’s rather wide it’s preferable to use two hands to hold it for a good thrust and rates it a 7/10 as it’s similar to a normal wank minus feeling your hand.


On the other hand, pun intended, he rated using a wand vibrator in the bedroom is insanely fun for us both and scores a 9/10 but nothing beats a good old fashioned fuck bent over the kitchen table in a pair of stockings for a 10/10!tk2218


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