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TK 3.11.17When it comes to Christmas gift ideas I get a little excited by the prospect of finding something unique, personal and fun for my loved ones because there are so many outrageous and kookie things out there you just have to know where to look for them, or do as I did and stumble upon something epic when you’re least expecting it.

TK 3.11.17

Whilst queuing for ink cartridges at my local Cartridge World one chilly afternoon on my way home from the gym I couldn’t help but smile at the colourful figurines on display as a 3D printer buzzed away in the window building some wild and wonderful creation one tiny layer at a time. I’m rather hopeless with technology and as an outdoorsy, yoga-loving, chess-playing fitness bunny I spend very little time around televisions, cars and games consoles as it all goes entirely over my head, but it looked cool.


Making a passing remark to the member of staff serving me as I collected my printer cartridges I asked where they got such fun and funky creations from and he explained that they make them all in store by drawing out an object on the computer and then printing it off, not onto paper but into reality, a whole solid, functioning object custom designed or precisely replicated exactly to scale. Mind blowing!TK 3.11.17 (1)


Naturally that led to me questioning what creations are possible; Boxes? Yep! Dolls? Yep! Ornaments? Yep! Furniture, surely not!? Yep! Even organs to assist surgeons in a patients needs prior to operating on them. Well if you can 3D print a copy of your own brain then why not print your entire head? Omg you actually can!? Ok, how about turning your own head – and the heads of all your relatives – into a chess set to put on display in your lounge? Totally doable. Well, out of interest, how much would it cost, how long would it take and what would it look like?

TK 3.11.17 (2)

And that’s basically how I came about ordering myself a custom made 3D printed head-piece chess set for Christmas and I’m ridiculously excited to see how it turns out which I shall certainly keep you updated on once it’s complete. Imagine giving your partner a 3D print of your own heart (or other body parts) for Valentine’s Day, to make an exact life-sized replica of your beloved pets or design and build a wacky creation from your wildest dreams knowing that nobody else anywhere in the world will ever have anything like it. The possibilities are literally endless, mind-boggling and wonderful and make the most eclectic and cherished gifts that will top every Christmas list hands-down!

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