Fast Cars and Even Hotter Women


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When it comes to fast cars and hot women it’s a pretty safe bet that most guys are going to be interested in car rally’s. Whilst it may not seem like the most obvious of holiday destinations for a young couple, hitting my first ever car rally this summer with my boyfriend is something we’re both massively looking forward to. 

This August we’ll be taking part in the Petrolhead Rally from London to Monaco where we’ll be off go-karting in London, partying in Belgium, hitting the Nürburg ring in Germany, MotorWorld in Stuttgart, riding the Alpine Coaster in Austria, partying in Monza and finishing up with a phenomenal yacht party when we hit Monaco! 

As I teenager I have fond memories of watching American films of lazy summer road trips and summer holidays spent partying and meeting like minded people – it all seemed so exciting and adventurous and finally I’ll get to experience it for the first time. 

Humorously my boyfriend thinks I’m a terrible driver, he hangs onto his seat dramatically when I’m behind the wheel, feels the need to shout out when there’s a red light, braking car in front or pedestrian about to step out. And I just poodle along grinning from ear to ear oblivious to all of us fuss.

The thought of touring Europe from behind the wheel fills me with giddiness, I think it will be a challenge for me driving on the wrong side of the road, clocking up so many hours in relay behind the wheel and recovering from hangovers in between stop-offs in breath taking destinations.  

If there’s one thing I recommend in life it’s shaking up routine, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new for which a supercar rally is our absolute dream! And the best bit? The tickets are now on sale so you can party with us and join in the adventure; adrenaline, adventure and excitement included!

Get your tickets now and mention “Tracy Kiss” 


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