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It’s not everyday that you get a tattoo on your vagina, nor was it something I planned to do, but you know, when in Rome and all that. Not that I was in Rome but rather with my fantastic tattoo artist John Capasao of RedInk Aylesbury, rib-deep in needles when we spontaneously got onto the topic of hair colour would you believe it. And if you believe in fate then allow me to explain…

TK 23 (1)

I’ve been having several hours of tattooing each week for the past few months now as I’m looking to join up all of my individual pieces of body art into one continuous piece across my ribs, hips, stomach, back and thighs. Last weekend as I set off for my weekly inking my tattooist messaged me to say that he was running half an hour late, so I decided to take my daughter for lunch first and the guy serving us asked if we were sisters because we look so alike. Feeling very flattered by the compliment I merrily told John about it serval minutes later as he added detail to the lotus flower on my tailbone.

TK 23

He agreed that my daughter looks strikingly similar to me for which he attributed the same skin tone, blue eyes and hair colour before asking what colour my hair actually is. I’m a natural dark-blonde for which I’d always believed I was a light-brunette but my hairdresser tells me I’m 100% not a brunette. It turns out that I’m not actually any colour, not light enough to be a blonde and not dark enough to be brunette, nor redhead or black for that matter. So it seems I sit bang in the middle of the colour scale, a little of everything for which John recognised as a balance of them all, the true sign of a Libra which happens to be my starsign.

TK 23 (3)

We then noted that despite all of the meaningful and symbolic tattoos that I have across my body -totalling around thirty pieces- not once have I recognised my love of the zodiac. The star sign of Libra is the omega but it seems such a bold and obvious shape to add to the otherwise natural and artistic body art that I had and I like to have a unique and custom twist to my pieces. It was then that we came up with the idea of three birds in flight with their wings angled to form the omega symbol, an idea of balance, strength and freedom. But where to put it?

TK 23 (2)

I already have a lotus flower and beading on my stomach which drapes into my underwear line and finishes pretty low down as it is, but just below that I had a few inches of space clear where my birds could fit perfectly at the very center of my body – blushingly close to my womanhood! I’ve had needles in my groin, buttocks, ribs and around my breasts and can honestly say that nothing has ever hurt me as much as my vagina tattoo! But it was worth every second of pain and I’m absolutely besotted with how beautiful, unique and meaningful it is.


I’m a huge believer in fate, that certain things are supposed to happen at a certain time to deliver us special messages, encourage us to make important decisions and motivate and inspire us to take the first step towards the unknown. If John hadn’t have been running late I never would’ve gone to lunch with my daughter, told him about the compliment of us being called sisters for the first time ever, discussed our similarities and referenced it to my star sign. That entire conversation would never have happened. So the next time somebody asks me why on earth I had my vagina tattoo’d I’ll smile and say that it happened accidentally after fate invited me to lunch!


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