Here’s to a sunny summer

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As the winter months give way to glorious summer days something about Vitamin D from the sun just makes me feel like a dog on heat! Gone are the chilly grey evenings spent snuggling up on the sofa, munching on junk food, hiding pale bodies under baggy jumpers and bingeing on Netflix and finally we’re ready to make way for toned, tanned and tantalising torsos! Wahoo!

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With warmer temperature comes less clothing, short skirts, tops off and tight dresses – the perfect combination for boozy barbecues and balmy lustful evenings. Interestingly I ended up deep in discussion with my boyfriend about how the summer ignites horniness and he agreed with me estimating that people have around 30-40% more sex in the summertime as opposed to the winter. We both came to the conclusion that cold winter months lead to depressing thoughts, bills from Christmas and hours upon hours stuck indoors out of the rain bored and locked away from sunlight – it’s just not sexy is it?

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But on a bright and sunny day everything feels so much better; people smile more, you spend more time on your appearance, skin glows, hair grows and everybody likes to look their best. The peacocking begins as sleek convertibles come out, music gets louder and muscly guys go on the lookout for hot girls in push-up bras and the chase is so sexually charged. Yet being in a relationship I’ve been pretty accustomed to rocking around in lazy loungewear, comfy t-shirts and rocking messy hair all winter which probably isn’t the biggest turn on for my boyfriend but that all changes in the summer. I love sleeping naked in the summer, wearing short shorts and tiny tops for a killer cleavage and long legs and going for romantic walks hand in hand before sipping wine in a gorgeously toasty beer garden.

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There’s something extra naughty about the summertime that brings out my inner party animal and with every sip of alcohol I become more and more adventurous with flirty glances, touching of hands, slapping of behinds; once you start it’s almost impossible to stop. The sexual tension builds and builds until it’s ready to burst and you either have to find somewhere quiet to let off steam or race home for an entire afternoon of teasing and torture. I have a feeling after years of washouts and wet weekends that we’re going to have a very long hot summer 2018! 

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