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With my second acting role hitting the big screen this weekend for the release of Dead Ringer the movie, I’m ready to strut the red carpet, high-five my co-stars and partly like it’s 1999! But that’s not to say I haven’t had fashion faux-pas in the media – red-carpet-ready takes effort and tactical planning, so here are my top tips!

Botox & Fillers – Press pictures don’t come airbrushed, photoshopped or filtered, they don’t even pause to find your best angle like you would when taking a selfie. You can be sure if you blink, sneeze or stand funny then they’ll use the photo that makes you look like a confused potato. So to get my skin looking and feeling its absolute best for every eventuality I always have a botox and lip-filler top up session at Harley Street MD with the one and only Dr Chia Tan.

Instantly it makes me look fresher, more youthful, primped and preened – even at 5am! It’s a quick and painless procedure I’ve been having since my mid-twenties and has worked perfectly to keep away fine lines and wrinkles.

Hair – I have shoulder length blonde hair which isn’t as thick and heavy as it used to be. You can guarantee that the majority of women on a night out are wearing some form of hair extensions, clip-in’s or even a wig these days – sometimes it’s impossible to tell. As much as I love gorgeous glossy long hair it’s heavy as hell and by 11pm I don’t want a tuft of fakery poking out from behind my ear making me look like a gremlin so I forego hair extensions, straighten my own locks and rock au natural.

Makeup – I’m pretty horrendous at doing my own makeup as I simply wear foundation day-to-day as I have my eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo’d by the UK’s most celebrated micro pigmentation specialist Caron Vetter of Karma House clinic. This leaves me free to run, swim, workout and sweat myself through my day without having a smudged panda face and black eyes. However for the red carpet I add a little black eyeshadow along my lash line to accentuate the shape of my eyes and a flick of waterproof mascara and hey-presto, I’m red carpet ready in under ten minutes!

Hair Removal – When the celebs hit the red carpet anything can happen and surprisingly at events and after parties I always seem to get picked up, carried or a leg lifted into the air for a picture. Therefore bare legs need to be smooth as silk. Scrap tights that can ladder, I usually shave my legs and epilate the same morning so that I’m completely fireproof from scratchy skin or missing stubble. Oh, and shower, shower, body spray!

Lingerie – There are so many tips and tricks available these days for concealing excess curves and reshaping bodies but I avoid all slim-wear for events such as these. Yes, wearing a corset beneath a dress may create a tiny waist but trying to get to the toilet after ten cocktails in high heels and twenty hooks and zips never ends well. I spend most of my bathroom time helping fellow half-dressed girls get out of and back into their garments which is pretty hilarious and a great way to unexpectedly make friends for life, but I find it easier to slip in and out of attire without looking like a shrink-wrapped sausage.

Gym – I always love a workout before an event, it gets me pumped, energetic and my body looking its best. If you don’t have time for a health kick then switch out fizzy drinks for water the day before and jump around your lounge to some kickass tunes!

Basically, what I love best about the red carpet is being myself, not worrying about what I wear, what can drop off, go limp, smudge or fall apart but having fun, celebrating another successful venture and partying with friends in the industry. My tips for any man, woman or wildebeest heading out this weekend? Go low maintenance, kick off your heels, dance on tables, have fun and don’t take stress so much about your image; happy guys and girls are the prettiest!

Check out next weeks column for all of my red-carpet snaps gossip!Original Pink Pill | Nooky Pill | Pink Pills | Cheap Thrills


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