How Much Vitamin D Is Too Much?


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Deep into the grips of this stunning heatwave I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the British summertime so much as this year. In fact I’m happily foregoing my annual jollies abroad because I just can’t justify leaving the country when the weather here is so sensational -BBQ’s, garden parties and catching up with friends and family are all on the menu.

We’re a nation that whips off our tops and gets out the burger buns as soon as the clouds part and can be forgiven for hanging onto every ounce of vitamin D that we see; but what happens when the sunlight is so hot and plentiful for so long? Do we enjoy it just as much?

I had a discussion with my boyfriend about how sunshine makes me feel so cheerful, upbeat, tanned and toned, and most importantly, adventurously amorous! As I’m sure the same applies to most people, a gorgeously warm day just brings out the best in life and builds up excitement. Yet whilst he agreed with me that couples have more sex with the presence of vitamin D, he’s also really struggled to sleep at night with the dead heat and humidity which has made him far more tired throughout the day and less enthusiastic at the gym. Alas, where the sun gives with one hand it also takes with the other.

Whoops and cheers for a long hot summer have gradually subsided to grunts and moans about uncomfortable clothing, awful sunburn and long sweaty nights for all of the wrong reasons. Which leads me to question of how much vitamin D is too much? As with everything in life a little of what you fancy does you a world of good, but when spoilt for choice and given everything we soon tire of it and it loses its initial spark and value.

Whilst we debated over how many couples are enjoying a heightened sex drive because of skimpier outfits, boozy balmy evenings and sexy social situations we weighed it up with the realisation of people complaining of heat exhaustion, hangovers, poor sleep and sunburn and concluded that these two extremes may even cancel one another out. 

Add to the fact the additional cost of spending afternoons, evenings and weekends in pubs, saving for a holiday or visiting friends from far and wide and most people feel the pinch of finance at this time of year comparable to the same spend of Christmas. Well, that’s depressing?

My anecdote? Sunbathe naked in the garden (with adequately distributed suncream), enjoy a cold beer or cocktail whilst BBQ’ing in the buff, jump into a cold shower after and soap each other up and then work off your kebabs and ice cream in the bedroom with desktop fans on full power and summer tunes blasting. You’re only young once, summer only lasts so long and there are far more fun ways to get hot and sweaty than sitting on a plastic chair complaining of this glorious heat!

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