Hunting For Girls Toys


tracy1I’ve always been a bit of a speed demon and have a passion for loud cars, fast bikes, tanks and helicopters, basically I’m collecting the tomboy toys from my childhood just on a grander scale now that I’m -ahem- a grown up. Sadly I was never one for playing with Barbie dolls as a youngster as I much preferred climbing trees and building forts than wearing frilly dresses because that’s clearly where the kicks are.tracy3

As a glamour model I have great fun talking to photographers and coming up with inventive, exciting and adrenaline-fuelled photoshoots with my most favourite involving machines and I’m getting quite the collection of saucy images from riding bikes to bending over tractors, sports cars, 4×4’s and most recently trucks and tanks! As with anything in life the more excitement you experience the higher you want to move the bar to chase the next high and now I’m on the lookout for whatever I can climb over in my lingerie that can top a tank.

So I’d like to ask for your help in finding fun and outrageous vehicles for me to have a photoshoot on with my hopes being on getting my hands on a helicopter, fighter jet or even a go-kart – so long as the owner is happy for me to lounge about in my Louboutin’s and a g-string with a great big smile on my face then I’m open to offers. Perhaps you have a classic car in your garage that you’d like to celebrate or your friend happens to own a small aircraft – as you do – I’m happy to promote businesses, events and worthwhile causes along the way. Likewise I’m also a big animal lover so if Larry your pet Llama or David your Doberman wants to pull his best cheesy grin along with me then I’m all for it – although I’ve never held a snake or spider before but I’m refreshingly open-minded.tracy2

I love receiving feedback from my fans and striving to create images that are fun, thought provoking and downright flirty for my social media to brighten up the day and motivate others to live life to the full. So let’s go wild with it my darlings, get your thinking caps on and please send me your suggestions and any contacts you may have to and I’ll look forward to updating you all with the images in due course!

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