Is 30 the new 20?


botoxIt’s just under two months until I hit a pretty epic landmark of a birthday and I’m contemplating keeping a fire extinguisher on standby just in case of the sheer number of blazing birthday candles. Where on earth did these past thirty years go? I spent the majority of my youth daydreaming about being a grown up one day, an adult having the ability to live by my own rules and enjoy life on my terms but out of nowhere here I am, certainly older, questionably wiser and fully aware that the sands of youth are trickling through my fingers.


Ok, so maybe 30 is the new 20 and I’m not yet past my best, but every time I look in the mirror I seem to discover more fine lines and wrinkles. It started with the top of my nose crinkling when I laughed in my teens, built to a few resting forehead lines from sun damage in my mid twenties and now I’m getting little crows feet around my eyes every time I smile. it might not sound like a lot but add it all together and it soon clocks up the age-o-meter. I’m not knocking growing old as it’s something inevitable, but being single and reaching a landmark birthday I can certainly make the most of what I’ve still got – so I booked in with Doctor Tan of Harley Street MD for three lots of Botox in celebration of my third decade of life.eyes

I’ve previously had Botox to my forehead but this was my first time treating between my eyebrows and around my eyes as I wanted an all over youthfully natural complexion rather than a perfectly smooth forehead and tired crinkly face! After talking through my requirements with Dr Tan we decided to use Botox to lift my eyebrows on the outer edges which created a nice arch and makes me look more fresh and awake. The treatment itself took around 20 minutes and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results which will now last for four months.


It’s perfect timing for when I host the UK Glamour Awards on 14th September in London and need to look my best on camera and I’m thrilled to announce that Dr Tan will also be a guest judge at the awards which is open to all ages, sizes, shapes and style of models across the UK to celebrate strong beautiful women.

UK 40 + 300 x 250


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