Kiss-ing goodbye to my twenties


Kiss (3)This week I celebrated my 30th birthday in a way that I could never have imagined possible. Just last month my friends asked me what we were doing to mark my three decades on earth and I shrugged my shoulders and suggested going for a curry down the road. I’ve never had a birthday party before, not in the sense of a party party with lots of people invited, more a quiet few sandwiches with immediate family on an otherwise ordinary day.

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Turning another year older kind of loses its magic the higher the numbers get; as a child I was so desperate to grow up and become an adult so that I could do what I wanted when I wanted but as an adult I’d do anything to hold onto every second of life and have more time with my friends and family because life is so preciously short.

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I certainly didn’t think that I’d be swinging off of the side of a mountain on a runaway rollercoaster in Paris but that’s exactly what happened and I had the birthday of a lifetime at Disneyland and sightseeing which I will never forget. It’s very easy to get caught up in a routine and neglect yourself – by that I mean to always put others first that your own needs, wants and desires come last or get forgotten entirely.

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Visiting Paris for a long weekend was just the tonic I needed to inject a burst of peace, love, laughter and freedom back into my life and remind me that, despite turning 30, we’re only as young as the shoe size we wear! I literally have cheek ache from smiling so much and I’d like to thank you all for the very kind birthday wishes from across the world and hope that my crazy adventures might help to brighten your day somewhat, put a smile on your face and remind you to unleashKiss


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