Life After Love Island


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This may sound a little bit lame, but that’s ok, I’m not afraid to admit it – life after Love Island is somewhat… lacklustre. Not only is the heatwave over (for now) but the ‘long hot summer’ has ended and I have absolutely no idea what to do of an evening without staring at a group of twenty-something singletons all falling in and out of love and causing drama. Hey, it made my everyday existence exciting!

I guess when you follow a reality show or TV drama you fall into a world of escapism where for half an hour or so you’re totally transported away from your casual cares and stresses and can immerse yourself in a fantasy world. Whilst some choose goblins and superheroes to enchant them I’ve always been partial to watching ‘pretty people’. I think we all have that morbid curiosity inside of us to wonder what life is like for other people, so why not wonder what it’s like for young, good-looking, charismatic charmers with millions of followers hanging onto their every word?

Perhaps it’s not just about the numerous teeth whitening and t-shirt adverts that they post online, perhaps it runs far deeper than that. The career paths celebrities follow before finding fame must surely still be a passion of theirs to some extent, or will Dr Alex down his stethoscope in favour of selling discount codes for charcoal soap? What a shame that would be. Surely with such an elevated platform and reach they can achieve their life dreams and ambitions far sooner!

You see, I believe we’re all put on this earth for one specific purpose, to discover our passion and reason to be here and ultimately the career that attracts us the most and makes us feel truly fulfilled is what we’re meant to do – we just have to figure out what it actually is first. For some it’s teaching children, others it’s fixing helicopters, inventing the wheel, designing eco-friendly houses or experimenting with gluten-free food. Not everybody will get to reach their full potential because not everybody has the guts to step out of their comfort zone, leave the 9-5 rat race and pursue their dreams. But for those who do it pays off in ways you could never imagine possible.

I guess it’s a little like the butterfly effect, what would happen if you’d made a different decision? What if you didn’t take the first job you were offered but held out for what you really wanted? What if rather than leaving after a handful of years you hung on and got that promotion you always thought was just out of reach? Or what if you one day risked everything to set up a business that broke records, changed the world and influenced millions of lives? Can you imagine!?

The possibilities in life are endless and we owe it to ourselves to experiment, explore and find our own calling in whatever form that takes. Quite how Love Island led me to this conclusion I’m not sure; but I’m certainly excited by the inspiration, motivation and energy it has filled me with – perhaps there’s more to oiled up, bikini-clad, muscle-bound models?

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