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Juicy big lips are majorly on trend right now and seem to be one of the most desirable summertime accessories of 2018. Seeing as I’m about to jet off on holiday I booked in with the very talented Dr Tan of Harley Street MD, London to have a top-up of botox and boost my lip fillers to the biggest they’ve ever been in order to find out what all of the luscious-lip fuss is about.TK 642018 (2)

I’ve been having lip fillers for the past few years as a way to create a subtle volume and defined shape to my top lip which is naturally quite flat and thin. Whilst the fashion has always been to make undetectable changes with filler and balance out natural asymmetry there has been a growing desire for a more fuller and more obviously enhanced pout for females thanks to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner which is what tickled my fancy as I’ve never had big lips before.

Dr Tan uses a very special technique in order to create a heart-shaped lip as filler is administered via cannula on either side of the mouth in order to have only two insertion points which reduces the risk of bruising, trauma and infection from healing. He then marks the centre point of the chin with a pen before placing a piece of thread between the middle bottom teeth held taut to create a dip, or heart shape, which he fills. TK 642018

He uses a fine needle inserted into the outer edge of the lips to release filler in fine threads unlike the traditional method of multiple injection sites causing the filler to ball into lumps and settle unevenly. Dr Tan always creates the most flawless fillers that are otherwise undetectable if I hadn’t have asked for such big juicy lips of course!

Directly after treatment the lips are swollen and the needle sites red and slightly raised but this quickly closes over and makeup can be applied after just a few hours. I’ve been triumphantly converted from traditional lip fillers to Dr Tan’s heart-lip method and can’t stop smiling over the incredible results. I thought it would take me a while to adjust to seeing myself with bigger, fuller shaped lips to what I’m used to but instantly I fell in love with them and the heart shape is so adorable.TK 642018 (1)

I’d always stuck to what I knew before, the same style, size, shape and look because I felt that it worked for me and was happy with it so had no need to change. However I’m thrilled that I took the leap of faith to try something different and experiment with my appearance safe in the knowledge that a highly skilled professional was administering my treatment. Much like switching hair colour from blonde to brunette, shaving off your beard or trying out a totally different wardrobe, temporary fillers are a safe and convenient way to give your appearance an overhaul and I love how plump and youthful it’s made me look and feel.

Twitter: @harleystreetmd 

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