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TK 5118 (1)Whoop for 2018! Another year in the bag and 365ish days of fresh starts and optimistic new beginnings to go. Each year I approach January with the mindset of trying something new, improving my outlook and achieving my goals and I’d like to think that the majority of the time I stick to it as I’m steadily progressing in my life and career as opposed to back-peddling in my teens.

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So this year I wondered what I could possibly set myself as a resolution. I’m already pretty adventurous, strong, determined and driven and frequent the gym six or seven days a week so I decided to look a little closer to home this year for inspiration; the bedroom!

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I love being a glamour model getting to dress up kinky for photoshoots, wearing fluffy handcuffs and posing provocatively – a far cry from everyday life and routine but nonetheless still pretty tame. I’ve never actually explored BDSM/bondage in my own love life aside from the kookie valentines day novelty nic-nacs, so my new years resolution is up my kinkiness in the bedroom and I’ve just ordered myself a sex swing, under-bed bondage straps and a spreader bar and restraints and I’m ready to go in at the deep end – ooh err!

TK 5118

I’ve been pouncing at the front door like an eager puppy waiting for my new toys to arrive but my postie has yet to deliver so I shall be giving you an update on my goodies in my next column along with mine and my boyfriends thoughts and feedback on each item. I love the thought of being tied up tight and helpless and left completely at the mercy of someone else, there’s nothing like a spot of role reversal to bring perspective to life!

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