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Tracy Kiss (4)Gone are the days of being stick thin and blonde classed as the epitome of sexy as thankfully we embrace beauty in all shapes and sizes today. Ok, so I may be tall, blonde and athletically slim but I’m certainly not skinny! And strong is something we should all celebrate as I believe a tight and toned peachy buttock looks far better in a g-string than a droopy pancake – unless you have a penchant for pancakes of course.

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Fitness can help us all, from improving every aspect of our health to boosting our self-confidence and upping our stamina in the bedroom. Taking regular exercise most obviously helps to control bodyweight but is also incredible for strengthening bones, joints and muscles, improving mental health, boosting your mood and wellbeing and relieving the stress associated with everyday life.

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When we look good we feel good, and when we feel good we’re more conscious about what we eat, smile more and treat people more kindly – it’s a beautiful cycle of positivity that starts with that very first step of getting up off of the sofa. I’ve found since my love of fitness began so has my love for life and where I’d once hide beneath black baggy clothes and didn’t make eye contact with people I now spring down the high street in bright colourful leggings, grinning like the Cheshire Cat and have bags of energy to keep me absolutely flying through life, my career and raising a young family.

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We all lead busy lives and struggle to commit to a change in routine, let alone doing something that leaves us sweaty and breathless, but you don’t have to go all out immediately as subtle small steps of change each day soon build up to a great leap. It’s all about having fun with whatever you do, sharing your experience with friends and embracing the positivity of change to your life. So when I rock up to the gym, the park or even the supermarket I can’t help but smile when I’m dressed in an explosion of colours, doing handstands in my hot pants and lifting weights in burger leggings.

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Paying forward fitness can be as simple as taking a selfie pulling a crazy face when you’re on a walk with your dog, standing on one leg at the top of a hill or snap chatting your sweat patches post-workout with pride. If you share a positive picture online then chances are the people who see it will smile too and think about doing something similar themselves. If the world changes its approach from exercise being a punishment to something that’s overwhelmingly rewarding then we’ll all live longer, have a better quality of life and achieve so much more. So throw up your funniest selfie and join me in the joy of being a gym bunny my darlings!

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