Service history or Sex history?

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My boyfriend has just sold his car and it’s that exciting in-between time of deciding what he’ll get next. We’ve literally spent the past few days sifting through auto trader comparing various makes and models from Porsche’s and BMW’s to SUV’s and Fiat 500’s so it was only a matter of time really before our conversation turned to ridiculously cheesy car-fuelled 1342018 (1)

Ever open and honest we’re not a couple afraid to talk about life before we met – especially past relationships, experiences and mischievous mishaps. Whilst discussing the pro’s and con’s of potential cars, their value and the benefits of age over mileage we accidentally fell into conversation about our own sexual history – as you do! As it happens I’ve been a bit of a late starter in life, have had two children and the majority of my relationships have been pretty longterm whilst my boyfriend has preferred more short-term scenarios courtesy of travelling for work and university.

Seeing as I’ve had just a handful of owners (relationships) with a full service history (no STI’s/STD’s) my mileage (sex drive) is pretty high but I run rather well for a 30yr old (several times a week). Yet my boyfriend thinks his worth is higher than mine due to his ever so slightly lower mileage and ridiculously high multiple owners because he sees it as being far more desirable than a longterm vehicle. Typically, more expensive cars are switched and swapped after a year or two for the newest model whereas I go for the little engined diesel’s for a longterm trustworthy option and like to rust along with my vehicle over a decade or two!tk 1342018

Surprisingly we then realised we’re both kind of similar to our cars, just like owners oddly look like their dogs, you kind of unconsciously associate with the car that you drive which is pretty shit for me and awesome for him! And that’s basically how our car value / sex drive debate unfolded as we came to the conclusion that our opposing lifestyles surprisingly shared the same underlying love for well-built German’s that are always topless!

However we agreed that it’s ultimately down to the way that you drive a car and the care and attention you put in whilst behind the wheel – personally I prefer a good 4×4 from behind! If regularly serviced, washed, waxed and taxed then there’s no reason to snuff a higher milage trustworthy number in favour of a more expensive yet less experienced younger model!

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