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I’m literally head over heels with the gloriously hot summer we’re having thanks to the recent heatwave. Couples families and friends alike have saved a fortune on not travelling abroad in search of the sun and who can blame them for staying home; instead of toasting on a tour bus up a mountain we’re making way for sociable garden parties, BBQ’s and catch-ups with friends old and new. Not only are we gloriously tanned, well fed on fresh food and adequately rested but the longer the nights and brighter the mornings the more cheerful, upbeat and positive we all feel. And we all know that looking good on the outside goes hand in hand with feeling good on the inside, hence why I caught up with judge of the UK Glamour Awards Dr Chia Tan of acclaimed Harley Street MD in London for a top up of botox and fillers to keep myself looking and feeling my best.

Since turning thirty I’ve made it my aim to spend some more time focusing on myself, yes I still juggle raising a young family, working long hours and being in a fairly new relationship; setting aside a little bit of time and expenses to keep myself in check has done me the absolute world of good and I look and feel 5yrs younger for it. Kylie Jenner has famously made big juicy lips fashionable and a summer selfie just wouldn’t be right without a plump pout and flawless complexion which I always entrust Dr Tan to achieve. I’ve spoken about and experienced many cosmetic and medical procedures over the years and by far lip fillers and botox are my favourites. With results lasting several months at a time it’s a quick and easy procedure that does wonders for self confidence and keeps my summer selfies glowing with youthfulness. 

When I weigh up the cost of plane tickets, checking in suitcases at the airport, paying for parking, shopping for gifts in duty free and sitting in traffic during transfers I realise the amount of money that I’ve saved on staying home this summer can be far better spent on giving myself a spot of TLC. From beautifying injectables to sandals and skinny jeans, Botox and lip fillers have been life changing for me as they iron out the stresses, strains and wear and tear of everyday life leaving behind an effortlessly youthful complexion and fresh plump pout reminiscent of my teens.

Whilst many perceive the field of aesthetics to be mostly female dominated more and more men are now secretly enjoying the perks and benefits of botox and filler too. From lifting droopy eyelids and eyebrows to correcting a wonky smile, straightening a hooked nose, enhancing the jawline and bringing definition to otherwise doughy or hollow areas – it’s just as desirable for dudes as it is us ladies.

And Dr Tan does far more than perfecting what you can see on the surface, he also enhances  energy levels, assists in fitness and performance, corrects erectile dysfunction, low motivation and low testosterone levels, controls oestrogen, lumpy nipples, fatigue, acne, hair loss, mood swings, weight gain and water retention to name but a few! He’s very generously offering a 10% discount on all treatments to readers who quote my name ‘Tracy Kiss’ upon booking – so what are you waiting for? Turn your summer savings into some well deserved TLC and look and feel your best to make the most of this incredible time of year!


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