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How have six weeks of school summer holidays disappeared in the blink of an eye? Parents up and down the country are rejoicing this week as the children return to school; a whole new year older, shoes beautifully shined and books and folders crisp and eager to be torn up and thrown around. 

I’ve survived six weeks of late nights and early mornings, my little ones begging for chocolate for breakfast, having water fights in the garden, picnics in the park, spilling popcorn in the cinema, riding rollercoasters at the theme park and even buying a new baby bunny as our latest house pet. Whilst I absolutely love being a mum and spending time with my two children it’s very easy for me to admit that a full day at work is far easier to handle and I’m well overdue silence and serenity to crack on with my daily grind. 

I’d go as far as to say that the majority of couples who have children are breathing a sigh of relief as they return to school one by one and normality is restored. I’m guessing this could possibly be the most amorous week of the year for parents – even more so than Valentine’s Day – as exhaustive entertainment and constant chores give way to structured work days and low-key lunches – the perfect environment for couples to be adventurous.

Therefore it would be fitting to rename September Sextember in honour of this prestigious occasion. As parents we undoubtedly love our children to the moon and back and spending time together as a family is priceless; but summer months leave us stretched financially, mentally and physically exhausted and less inclined to spend intimate time of an evening because we’re too busy tidying, cooking, cleaning, collapsing, snoring and dribbling into our pillows as the children bounce on their beds, put on yet another DVD and sneak out the snacks they’ve been hiding under their mattresses for months.

I’m looking forward to a long hot bubble bath after bed time, a nice hot oil massage from my boyfriend and hours upon hours of not getting any sleep! It’s easy to lose sight of our own identity and the importance of your relationship when you have young children, so times like these vitally allow us to team-up, regroup and strengthen our bond – and buy new bondage equipment and grown up toys!

Remember guys, a happy wife is a happy life!

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