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TK 19118When it comes to that certain time of the month period sex can be a tricky subject for couples. Some guys think period blood is disgusting whilst girls can find it painful; I on the other hand find myself constantly turned on and ready to rock at the drop of a hat or belt buckle! But why has bleeding during sex become such a modern taboo when Victorian prostitutes favoured the week of their period as the safest form of contraception? I thought I’d chew it over with the boyfriend after a nice bowl of creamy porridge for breakfast, as you do.
Personally I’m a big fan of blood and find it just as fun and exciting as using my favourite lube or baby oil in the bedroom. There’s something very sensual about slipping and sliding, making sloppy noises and creating mess in the bedroom that I really connect with and get insanely turned on by. I guess it’s the notion of pleasing your partner to the extent of creating bodily fluids and I’m all for the wetter the better when it comes to juices.TK 19118 (1)
My boyfriend thankfully enjoys period sex and says he finds it extra naughty because you don’t come across blood too often due to the time delay between periods. Although he prefers sex without blood he wouldn’t dream of going a week without it just to avoid a period. I feel it’s also a way of becoming closer as a couple because you trust and respect one another to approach something very intimate and socially embarrassing that very few people discuss. To see and accept your partner at their most weak and vulnerable is somewhat endearing.
Granted having a period isn’t the sexiest time of the month for us ladies, we feel bloated, ache all over, suffer mood-swings and generally want to curl up under a duvet sobbing and eating ice-cream but the more active you stay on your cycle the quicker it will pass. I never skip the gym on my period, I enjoy regular energetic sex 3-4 times a day and love the thought of my boyfriend giving it to me hard when I’m extra sensitive.
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If we put aside our body hang-ups, accept what’s natural and normal and greet new experiences with open-mindedness and a willingness to please our partners you’ll be amazed at the fun you can have in the bedroom; it all starts with open and honest communication!Nooky Pill | Original Blue Pill | Herbal Viagra


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