Why Being Single Makes You Slutty


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Now, when I say being single makes ‘you’ slutty I mean that in a really lovely general term and not a personal attack on anybody. I’m not calling you a slut, man slut, woman slut or just an everyday slutty slut. I’m actually referring to the extra va-va-voom we all find when we’re single – you know, that sassy pout, slimmer waistline and always on-fleek outfits.

When I’m single I’m definitely far naughtier, adventurous and daring than when I’m in a relationship. I mean, when else would you have champagne for breakfast, dance barefoot on a bar at 3am and wear a minidress to the supermarket with last nights makeup still on? I put it down to the excitement of the unknown, because when you’re single you never know who you’re going to meet so you always want to look your best.

Whilst I now spend my evenings curled up on the sofa in baggy pyjamas with my other half eating snacks and watching crap movies I used to dress up in sexy silk lingerie, do backflips over Netflix and Chill nights and never get any sleep at bedtime. How things change, how people change and how fascinating it is when you finally find yourself comfortable with somebody.

It took a little while for me to adjust to dating and put my slutty side back into a box, from prancing around and preening like a glorious peacock I’m now more of a roast chicken wrapped in kitchen foil. Oddly enough our appearance and outlook becomes relative to the person that you’re with and the kind of behaviour that’s deemed as appropriate. If my boyfriend met me as I am now – somewhat sensible and low maintenance – I probably wouldn’t have excited or enticed him enough to ever want to date me. Yet if I’d stayed outrageously unpredictable and glamourous I’d more than likely have scared him off because he might not have seen me as relationship material.

With that in mind I believe the dynamics of a relationship shift the longer that you’re together and the initial spark of lust makes way for comfort and love with time. What you choose to do with that and how you react is down to the individual and it’s not a course that every couple will take because some relationships will only last a matter of weeks or months whilst others last a lifetime. One thing I am thankful for is the ability to be wholeheartedly myself; to snuggle up at night without a scrap of makeup on, snoring against his neck with my arms flailed across his chest gently tickling his nipples as I dream of grooming kittens. A bond that strong only comes with time!

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