Why I Won’t Marry


horse5It seems that little girls have always been promised the fairytale of one day meeting a Prince Charming who will sweep them off of their feet and live happily ever after, the end. So what happens when Prince Charming turns out to actually be a rotten toad? Do we grow up and give up on fairytales altogether, or pucker up for a queue of amorous amphibians to seek out that one guy who could possibly change the world as we see it? Well I choose neither because I’ve found having fun, loving life and being my own woman is by far the most exhilarating and freeing experience of all and I strongly believe marriage will become extinct in the not so distant future.


I always thought I’d have a quiet little church wedding with a handful of my closest family and friends, my two children as my only bridesmaid and Paige boy and a finger buffet afterwards in the local village hall beside the puddle ducks and pints of ale. I never had grand elaborate dreams for my big day, I didn’t want to waste the security of thousands of pounds worth of savings on a single afternoon and some pretty pictures that could have been far better spent on a home and family necessities. But that’s all weddings seem to be these days – flashing the cash in an attempt to impress others whilst bizarrely paying over the odds for venues and cakes because the word ‘wedding’ is involved. Love seems to be the last thing on anybodies minds as the bride and groom argue over the stress of the arrangements and most divorces taking place just 9-11yrs into marriage. Ouch!


Now I wouldn’t say I’m against marriage entirely, it’s just not for me; I gave it a go, I spent my teens and entire adult life in a long-term relationship, engagement and having children only to be left high and dry whilst deliriously still daydreaming of wedding dresses. Why? Because sometimes people freak out with the fear of commitment, a future and missing out on life when the old ball and chain comes clanging. In a very short space of time heartache caused me to grow from a quiet little housewife afraid of my own shadow into to the fun-loving, adventurous and carefree woman that I am today and I am so incredibly thankful for it.


If true love exists and is at the forefront of a relationship then what need is there for a single piece of paper to prove it? We should all learn to live in the moment, to put our phones down and enjoy being in great company; travel the world, laugh, drink and be merry because life is too short Cinderella!


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