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Get ready for a summer Sensational Sunday

Posted on by Krystal Niles

Hi everyone I’m Babeshow Presenter, UK Glamour Model, PR and Marketing Blogger Krystal Niles and welcome to my Sensational Sunday’s column each and every week EXCLUSIVE to DAILY SPORT where I will be bringing you news of what has been happening in the celebrity world, what’s hot and what’s definitely not… Step into my World…. also follow me @krystalnilesxxx


Olympics Festival

I decided to catch up with Team Extreme down at Weymouth Festival, they were fantastic there was lots to do but it seems a shame that the Festival Park was only open a week before going into liquidation due to lack of visitors which sucks as Weymouth is packed. It would seem the council is to blame since they have over estimated and scared all the visitors off by notifying travellers of queues (That aren’t there) such a shame.




Myself , Tania Amazon, Tia Lolita, Morgan Tyler, Lucy Love, Courtney Summers and the ladies headed to The Yurt Retreat in Somerset, It was great we made fires, ate BBQ’s and it was fab to catch up with everyone to mark Tia’s hendo, It was brilliant and if you haven’t been Glamping you should definitely try it.



Your Chance to go to the Premier of Daisy Rocks debut mainstream film “DAISY”


I can not wait to go to the premier in Brighton with Daisy

Daisy is a non porn feature film by Jamie Patterson a Brighton Producer and director. The film is called Daisy and it is a documentary style film about the porn world.

PREMIERE: 29th August at the Komedia, Brighton!!!
‘Daisy’ tells the story of real life porn star Daisy Rock and her involvement within the controversial and multi-billion dollar “Adult Film Industry”. It depicts her story as she contemplates her life whilst shooting her last film in Ibiza. Her story is unadorned and authentic, without glorification or prejudice. It delivers a deep insight into her personal life as a porn star.
From glamorous to grotesque, strange, fascinating, offensive, absurd and sometimes funny moments all at once. It’s a no holds bar film, with no scripted dialogue or second takes, however particular scenes have been set up purely for the audience’s entertainment, much like The Only Way is Essex or Made in Chelsea. The film has been scored by Michael Murray who Daisy worked with on her début film ‘Swimming in Circles’ and was all shot on the Canon 5D Mark ii.


Tickets for the premiere can be purchased here: Tickets

Year: 2012
Writer/Director/DOP: Jamie Patterson
Editor: Dave Fricker
Cast: Daisy Rock
Shot on: Canon 5D Mark ii


Reader Offer Phone Covers and Shoes

The gorgeous Amanda of Bijouled Shoes Twitter @bijouledshoes Facebook has kindly offered Daily Sport readers 20% off just quote code KrystalDailySportOffer when ordering, I’m sure you will agree the cases are brilliant and can be made to your exact requirements, I have a case and its fantastic :)




This week I catch up with Extreme Porn girl Vicki Peach – be afraid :) Check it our here


Other Goss


Next week I will be learning to DJ with DJ Twiinz Tania Amazon so keep your eyes open for her upcoming gigs, I shall also be bringing you news from The Olympic Village as the Olympics begin to wind down ready for the Paralympics. Plus details of how I have become the face of JSG Aesthetics


Cinema Go See


As @sindiwintersxxx got married on Sat we decided to go to the cinema to chill out and we saw


The Expendables 2


Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris


The world’s greatest action stars return to the big screen in the sequel to box-office smash ‘The Expendables’.

The world’s greatest action stars return to the big screen in the sequel to box-office smash ‘The Expendables’. When Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) hires The Expendables for a seemingly simple mission, things take a turn for the worst when one of the team is killed. Not just that, but six pounds of weapons-grade plutonium have been stolen, placing the entire world in danger. Now, trapped behind enemy lines and with the world at risk from nuclear attack, the Expendables must overcome the odds, take their revenge and save the day. Along with returning action stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li, ‘The Expendables 2′ has upped the action star quota with the addition of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris. It was brilliant and full of biceps :)


Lates sports news and odds

Don’t forget to catch all your sport with us here the home of boxing with my new fellow columnist boxing promoter Dave Coldwell with Coldwell’s Column every Saturday.



Have a great week Guys & Girls


Much Love


Krystal Niles xxx


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