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TK 15 (3)With Christmas approaching, darker nights creeping in, the heating on and less sunshine to give us that healthy golden glow I looked in the mirror one morning and thought “Jeez I still look tired!” Despite having a good nights sleep! The eyes are the only area of the body to not age or put on weight but unfortunately the same can’t be said for the skin around them.


When it comes to beauty men and women alike share the same goal, to look and feel good in our own skin and that’s certainly important to me being a model. I remember my Dad first started using an eye cream in his forties shortly followed by my Mum; on and off over the years I’ve had various lotions and potions and tried different things but never stuck to a set under eye routine.

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Somehow black circles and bags had crept into my life and set up camp under my eyes and I felt I looked closer to forty than the thirtieth birthday I’d just celebrated. We all live hectic lives, burn the candle at both ends and don’t drink as much water as we should – all ways to infuriate our eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them which is incredibly ageing and evermore difficult to conceal with makeup.


Thankfully my personal cosmetic Doctor Mr. Chia Tan – and judge of the UK Glamour Awards – was on hand to literally inject the sparkle back into my life to make me fresh faced and bright eyed once again and it’s a quick and simple procedure that men and women alike can’t get enough of. Under eye rejuvenation is essentially injecting a soft and gentle filler into the under eye area with a fine needle to thread a clear gel into position and restore lost volume to the skin which smooths out the area reducing eye bags and helps to lighten dark circles.

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The procedure itself took around twenty minutes after having had a consultation and numbing so that I couldn’t feel a thing. The results are instant and last between 12-18 months easily shaving several years off of my age. After leaving the Harley Street clinic I went about the rest of my day as usual with the biggest smile on my face as nobody realised what I’d had done but all said how bright I looked.

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This treatment costs just £350 and if you quote ‘Tracy Kiss’ upon booking you can receive an extra 10% discount! So if you’re struggling over what to get a loved one for Christmas or could do with having that little extra sparkle back in your life then book in for a consultation at Harley Street MD with Dr Tan and know that you’re in perfectly safe hands.

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