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Hollywood hard man Tom Hardy has been tipped to play a bare-knuckle boxing legend

Posted on by Matt Bozeat

Hardy starred as Bane in the latest Batman movie, ‘Dark Knight Rises,’ and has told reporters his voice in the film was influenced by watching internet footage of Bartley Gorman.

Gorman, who died in 2002 aged 57, was the ‘King of the Gypsies’ and Shane Meadows is planning to bring his story of bloody bare-knuckle scrapping to the big screen.

Paddy Considine is set to play the lead role – but Gorman’s nephew, Jerry Gorman, reckons Hardy should be the film’s star. Gorman, training for an unlicensed fight in Leicester on Saturday, October 13, said: “Tom definitely reminded me of Bartley when I saw the film. “Friends have told me they couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I understood every word.“ Without being disrespectful to Paddy Considine, I think Tom would play the part better. “He’s got the physical stature and can do the voice.”

Hardy starred in last year’s ‘Warrior’ film about a cage fighter and Gorman added: “Tom has got the moves, looks the part and I think he would like to play the role of Bartley. I would be happy to show him a few bare-knuckle boxing techniques.”

Gorman has also offered to help Hardy for his charity match against heavyweight champ David Haye.

Hardy this week agreed to meet Haye to raise funds for various charities and Gorman, also a former amateur boxer, added: “I’m sure I can help Tom out.”

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