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Mark gets to grips with mermaid Emily in jungle massage parlour

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TOWIE’s Mark Wright was quick to make a move on sexy glamour model Emily Scott after she turned mermaid to win 11 stars in the Coral Grief trial, and couldn’t hide his delight as she cooed “Ooooh yes!” to his offer of a massage.

He then turned up the heat between the pair yet again when he untied her bikini top and pulled down the top of her trousers before gently massaging her back.

Meanwhile Fatima straddled Chrissy and gave her a different sort of manipulative massage that had the actress groaning in pain rather than her campmate Emily’s pleasure.

“It was like a torture chamber” she said. “Me back snapped like a whip. She knows where the muscles are she likes twanging them. I thought she’d found a piece of bubble wrap then I realised it was me! She nearly snapped Mark’s neck and he nearly had a heart attack, he went ‘oh my god you nearly broke my neck’, and was mortified.”

Emily meanwhile reported: “My massage was amazing, I was melting into the bed it was so good.”

Dougie chipped in: “Mark’s massage was the sort you knew would lead to somewhere else, whereas Fatima’s just lead to death!”

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