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TK17 (2)We could all do with a little extra motivation throughout our days to put an oomph into our step, up our enthusiasm and make a hectic morning run a little more smoothly minus the stress. I find motivation an integral part of my daily routine which has such a dramatic impact on the quantity and quality of the work that I get through and one way that I really motivate myself is through my love of music.

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Now, I’m an horrendous singer, dance like my Dad and usually mess up all of the words and sing the chorus far too soon but the addition of music to my day just totally lifts my mood even when it’s cold and grey outside – which let’s face is is everyday now that we’re in winter. Certainly at the gym I find listening to a fast paced catchy beat makes me strive to go faster for longer on the treadmill and a good bit of aggressive rap music really makes me dig deeper into my squats. I love zoning out into my own little world where I can focus on a workout and get lost in the beat.

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When sat in a traffic jam you’ll always find me whaling along to Mariah Carey at the top of my lungs as I instantly forget the hundreds of angry drivers around me all shaking their fists at the congestion whilst I chirp away with a great big smile on my face from ear to ear. I don’t mind who sees me singing karaoke in my car because more often than not if you catch someones eye over the steering wheel mid power-ballad fist-pump they’re usually laughing too and it brightens up their day and gives them something to talk about. There’s no way I could sit through a seven hour tattoo session either without shouting along to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody – music is a euphoric escape and release that we should all embrace as a way to beat stress.


Granted you’ll still be faced with the same miserable boss, morning commute, endless chores and people and obstacles along the way that will test your patience but life becomes all the more sweeter if you approach it with a smile and positive attitude. I’m absolutely hooked on Spotify and literally can’t go a day without music – a far healthier way to live rather than comfort eating or binge drinking after a hard day!

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