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Hello and a kinkilly good day to you all.

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So further to the banning of the Sexpo, we have had another moment of not just political correctness gone crazy but also of extreme hypocrisy. The double standards are very apparent as F1 bosses ban the use of grid girls whilst still raking in the cash from sponsors who use glam girls in their ads and promotional material. F1 owners Liberty Media bought the sport from Bernie Ecclestone for a reputed 6.4 billion, they also own the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Their baseball team has its own female cheerleading group yet they have been quoted as saying that grid girl are not “appropriate” and are “at odds with modern day societal norms”.


In a year that sees the anniversary of women being given the vote, certain industries feel they have the right to decide what is culturally and morally acceptable for females. Many well-known faces have commented with motorbike legend Carl Fogarty calling it “pathetic” and ex-grid girl Jodie Marsh claiming “These feminists are not doing what’s right for women! They’re trying to stop women doing things!” Should big companies be allowed to make these decisions? In the fight on harassment in the workplace, it doesn’t appear that the exploitative bosses will lose out, instead, it is the women themselves. What do you think?

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So on to our party this week. We thought we would try out Jaydees on the Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire border. 3 miles from the A1 trunk road, Jaydees “House of Fun” is a purpose-built facility which consistently gets good reviews on fab swingers:


“Went along on Friday, to another well organised night. Good mix of people. Something for everyone at this fun, relaxed club. Will be back soon!

Date: 30 January 2018”


The extensive facilities include communal and private playrooms, a dungeon, sauna and they even lay on a buffet to keep your energy up. The hosts were attentive and available, the guests were friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere was relaxed and sexually charged. Other exciting facilities include the cinema with a round bed and the couples only upstairs area. There are even rooms that can be rented out for the night so you can really make the most of your experience and not worry about making the trek home after.


So how can I help you this week?


Dear Dr

I wear a chastity device but I am concerned about the hygiene ramifications. Do you have any advice?



Well hello Locked, I hope that you are enjoying your experience of chastity. It is very important when wearing a cage to maintain proper hygiene levels, especially when wearing it long term. Daily showering is a must, you don’t need to remove it, you can use a swab or cotton bud to get inside it. Before dressing ensure that the area is dry, a hairdryer on a low setting will speed up the process.Once a week you should remove and thoroughly clean the area and device, finish off with a spray or two of a good high-quality cleaner such as Eros Cleaner which will help to combat the buildup of bacteria and fungus. During this weekly cleansing also ensure you are checking yourself for any irritation. Keep clean, stay safe and enjoy chastity.


Dear Doctor Dan

With Valentine’s day coming up I am considering buying my girlfriend a kinky present rather than the usual flowers and chocolates. The only thing is we have never used toys and I don’t know if she would go for it or not. Do you have any suggestions which are not too brazen but are still a bit naughty?




Hi P

I think it is a great idea to buy your girlfriend a kinky present for Valentines Day. If toys are not something you have explored in the past then it may be an idea to bring it up first. If you want it to be a surprise then maybe go for something small such as a bullet vibrator. Or if you would like to go for something a little different they try something a little bit different such as this “sexy” t-shirt from Kinky T-shirts (link below). Whatever you choose I am sure that she will love that you are thinking outside the box and will appreciate the effort you have gone to. Please let us know what you choose and her reaction.


Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent. Email dr.decadence@dailysport.co.uk

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