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A weekend with the DOCTOR

Posted on by Dr Decadence


Well I was out on Friday and Saturday night partying with you guys anonymously at a number of venues across the southeast see the reviews below real people real events real fun.


I am happy to tell all of you . You can email me directly at dr.decadence@dailysport.co.uk With a any questions and advice you require confidentially.

Whilst we were visiting various clubs ,we bumped into the newest event hosts and event organisers Pinked events


Which will be bringing you some of the most diverse parties and events to cater for every niche in the adult lifestyle to name but a few Female worship , fetish , exhibitionism , swingers parties and more with the first event a bukkake party. See them at exclusive venues across the country … follow on twitter @pinkedevents



Dr decadence will be holding exotic/erotic parties at exclusive venues near you very soon so get ready to “indulge in a world of pleasure with decadence ”


300x250 Craigs

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