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Another week with the Doctor

Posted on by Dr Decadence

image1Another mad busy weekend finishing Sunday night at the Ace Cafe  supercar promo we were invited to Greenfell  memorial gig at the aquarium but gave it a miss needed to work Monday.image4

Managed to wangle myself on the roof just missed Grant from the DAILY SPORT and the guys from Eureka.

Which car is mine in the car park?image3

Obviously not Danny Lambo’s i stayed under cover as i wanted to look at the cars and bikes I dread to think of the value of everything there.image5

I went with some of the guys and girls from our team to JD’s in St Neots had a smashing time see the review below it speaks for itself and the owners John and Tracey are lovely hosts.imagea1

We have our first readers question for advice we will send you (you know who you are) something cheeky from Our medicine cabinet.


” Interesting article on your busy weekend. I am very new to the scene and  haven’t visited any clubs yet, I was wondering if you could give some advice to a female wanting to explore?”


“Hi There Thank you for contacting me, well the first thing to say is take things slowly!! And begin to enjoy what the lifestyle has to offer you. If you tell me what area your in I will be happy to recommend some clubs to visit always remember where ever you go PLAY SAFE!! And NO is NO happy adventures keep me informed.”Decadence

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